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Why we enable software companies to build their customer training for free

Written by Dilyana Hadjeva

Published on July 15, 2019

Here are 3 major problems you're facing if you are in the SaaS space:

  1. Competition is fierce. There are tens (if not hundreds) other companies that are doing the same thing you are, and are competing for a share of the same market.
  2. You are not unique. Technology is easily available these days so it has turned more into a commodity than a competitive advantage. 
  3. Customer loyalty is hard to earn. It’s getting extremely difficult to retain customers because the modern user doesn’t care about who has the most features. They care about who solves their problems with the best service, usability and cost. 

So what are software companies to do? We have a couple of suggestions:

  • Practice empathy to create connection. Ramp up your customer success team to really understand the individual needs and address the challenges your customers have day in and day out.
  • Turn your customers into power users. Getting prospects to sign on the dotted line is just the beginning. The key to retaining them is helping them adopt your product with proper onboarding and training. Transform your customers into confident and active users. The more they get dependent on your product to do their jobs better, the more likely they are going to stay. 

While providing personal attention always works, customers want to be more independent and self-sufficient. Plus, it is hard to scale unless you constantly grow your customer success team.

What we have seen as an emerging trend among SaaS companies of all sizes, is taking on the initiative to build a customer training program to scale customer success. This brings its own challenges like defining the right training offerings, allocating the time and resources to develop the content, and investing in a learning management platform to host your training. 

Enable your customers with the right training

Our mission at Learndot has always been enabling software companies build effective customer education programs, no matter where they are in their training maturity stage. What we have come to realize during our 15+ years of experience is that not every company needs or can afford a full-feature LMS. Hence introducing Learndot Standard.

We wanted to level the playing field for those of you who are just starting out with customer education and provide you with a lightweight option that offers the most essential LMS functionality. 

We took it a step further and released a tier that is always free and allows you to build 3 courses or 30 lessons at no cost. Our goal is to give you all the time you need to figure out how to build courses, how to release them to market, test what works and what doesn’t, without the added pressure of free trials running out and costly subscriptions slipping through.

Now it’s all in your hands but we are here to help you every step of the way. Sign up for your free instance and let us know how it works for you.

Originally published Jul 15, 2019 4:43:39 PM, updated Jul 15, 2019