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TrainingRocket Becomes Learndot as Demand for Software Skills Climbs

Written by Rob Castaneda

Published on August 4, 2015

Software has never been more important in our daily lives, and no matter how you define this thing called the future of work one thing is for sure: most of us depend on software to get our jobs done every day. To understand the importance software plays in our lives, you need to look no further than the demand for jobs for people with software skills. Most of the highest paid jobs are closely associated with software. Demand for specific software skills is growing at unbelievable rates that could not have been imagined only a few years ago.

This one stat says it all.

A recent VentureBeat article reported that the number of job postings with Docker-related skills increased from from 2,500 in 2014 to 43,000 in 2015, an increase of 1,720 percent. If you know Docker, chances are you can land a high-paying job at a forward-looking company pretty quickly. If you want to make a career change, learning Docker right now could be a great way to make that change. In other words, there is an opportunity for individuals to learn Docker (or any in-demand technology) in order to change their lives.


Here is another way to look at it.

What if you are a software company like Docker and you want organizations to adopt your technology and you see stats like this. What do you do? What if you are an enterprise looking to deploy software like Docker and you cannot find enough people with the right skills? What do you do?

We believe there is a huge opportunity to improve software learning whether it is to help individuals learn technology skills, to help software companies get their software adopted or to help organizations build a capability (organizational muscle) for learning new technologies. Because without software learning, software companies will find it difficult to get their software adopted, enterprises will find it difficult to grow using old technology in a new economy, and individuals will find it difficult to progress in their careers. The gap between the speed technology evolves, an organization's capability to adopt new technology, and an individual's ability to learn new software is a real problem. 


ServiceRocket exists to solve this problem by helping organizations build and run training functions.

Training is hard. We aim to make it easier

Running a software training function is hard. As hard as running any other department. But training, as a discipline, does not always get the respect it deserves. Think about what a head of education services at a fast-growing software company is asked to do:

  1. Develop training content on a technology that didn't exist 5 years ago and keep the content updated when the software changes every week.
  2. Build a team that can train thousands of customers per month on multiple products, for multiple user groups, with multiple use cases, in multiple time zones, in multiple languages, and report results to multiple stakeholders including customers, finance, sales, customer success, marketing, and the C-Suite.
  3. Run the training function as a business: selling training courses, optimizing pricing, taking payments by credit card, PO, and training credits, in multiple currencies, collecting sales taxes in multiple countries, recognizing revenue inline with accounting standards, and delivering on bookings, billings, revenue, and margin goals.
  4. Deliver an overall training experience that makes it easy and pleasant for customers to find, access, complete, and actually want to learn your software.

I could go on. These are just the highlights.

All this stuff is hard, and ServiceRocket works every day to help our customers make it a little easier.

Today, we are taking a major step in making building and running a software training function a little bit easier by announcing that TrainingRocket and Learndot will be combined into one product.  

Why we acquired Learndot technology

We acquired the Learndot technology for two primary reasons: its beautiful design and its superior user experience. Learndot is so far ahead of any existing learning management system (LMS) out there. It has a magical user interface, it is mobile-ready, and it just makes you want to learn one more thing before you move on with the rest of your day. Learndot is so beautiful that once we acquired the technology, we got the team working on upgrading the user experience in TrainingRocket (our enterprise learning management system) to match the Learndot design philosophy. 

As we worked on this consolidation, we realized that Learndot and TrainingRocket were becoming one. And since they are becoming one, we decided to make them one.

Today, we announce that TrainingRocket and Learndot have become Learndot. The features of our TrainingRocket platform are now available as part of the Learndot Enterprise plan.

The future of Learndot

In the coming weeks, you will continue to see further changes to TrainingRocket as it takes on the style, design, and branding of Learndot. You will also see a furthering of maturity in Learndot functionality, whether it is in the user interface, feature enhancements, or an increase in the number and type of apps you can use in Learndot. We're bringing the best of TrainingRocket to Learndot. All of these enhancements reflect our continued focus on helping software companies build and run great training functions, so your customers can learn your software, and so that you can run a successful training business that makes a direct impact on the strategic goals of your company. 

Together with Learndot, ServiceRocket is by far the fastest and best way to build a scalable training business. because it is a learning management system (LMS) designed specifically for fast-growing software companies because it grows with your brand and systems. Our dedicated focus to fast growing technology companies, means that we're not mixing features from industries that are not applicable to our customers. We've been building training departments for technology companies globally for 14 years, and we'd love to help you as well.

20150729_183017Obviously, I am very excited about this change. And it gets better.

We're also announcing that our lowest plan for Learndot, giving the core e-learning features, is now free for up to 10 active learners. If you want to learn more, contact us. If you are a more hands-on type, give Learndot a try with our free trial.

Originally published Aug 4, 2015 3:34:33 PM, updated Aug 4, 2015