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Training is Customer Success - Feb. 27th | Palo Alto, CA

Written by Dan Luebke

Published on February 12, 2015


Training is Customer Success - February 27th

TrainingRocket (a learning management system for software companies) is hosting Training is Customer Success. The event, to be hosted at the Garden Court Hotel in downtown Palo Alto, will center on ServiceRocket's vision for the future of software learning.

The journey from SaaS to Customer Success.

Now, Training.

In January 2015, Forbes reported that global SaaS revenues are expected to reach $106B in 2016. Enterprise-size deals are driving the growth, part of an expected $620 billion market

As the shift to SaaS becomes ever more prominent (and lucrative) companies and technologies are emerging out of the new industry landscape. In fact, entirely new industries have been born.

Customer Success Takes the Stage

The adoption of SaaS has staged the abandonment of traditional, up-front pricing structures, multi-year contracts and archaic implementation models, once prolific among enterprise software. It has also created new problems to solve (i.e., opportunities) such as how to retain customers in emerging or competitive markets.

The method: successful customers. The truth: easier said than done.

The explosive development in Customer Success tools, solutions and jargon is a reflection of the new challenge in today's SaaS landscape. Companies like Gainsight, Totango, Bluenose and Frontleaf are tackling the problem with sophisticated technologies to provide insights to avoid churn. They have encouraged enormous growth and investment in customer success, an industry as young as it is potent.

But How?

So, your customer success software has helped you identify accounts at risk of falling off - but how do you respond to churn? The answer is training.

Gainsight has explained 5 links between training and customer success. Bluenose's 11 Pillars of Customer Success highlight's training as a method to "empower your customer base". Frontleaf has dug into why the investment in training pays off.

Indeed, training is critical to customer success. But why is it so painful to build an effective software training program? Why are the tools being used in the software industry so cumbersome and antiquated? Why is training viewed as a cost center?

ServiceRocket is on a mission to solve these problems, and create better learning for all.

Join us at the Garden Court Hotel, Feb. 27th:


Originally published Feb 12, 2015 7:00:00 PM, updated Mar 2, 2015