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The Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model is Newly Revised and Updated

Written by Bill Cushard

Published on July 6, 2016


The Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model eBook is by far our most popular. Hundreds of fast-growing software companies have downloaded it in the last two years. One very prominent customer education team in the big data, hadoop space used the maturity model to plan its strategy, goals, roadmap, organizational structure, and roadmap.

We did a webinar about it.

The maturity model was also used as the basis for a talk given at the Spring CEdMA conference 2015 by Tom Kimmel. 

The maturity model has been well-received, but it did need an update as more and more customer education leaders were asking questions about how to assess their current maturity stage and what steps can they take to move along the maturity stages.

Here is what is new in the new eBook.

The eBook Has a New Name

First of all, we changed the name to better reflect what the eBook is all about. The new name is Level Up: A ServiceRocket Guide to Using the Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model to Build Your Customer Education Business. And that is the entire point of the maturity model: to help you build a customer education business whether you are starting from scratch or to grow something that is already established. 

Updated the Model Image

In order to help you use this model in building a business case for organizing your customer education function, we updated the model itself so that there is a simple image that you can use in your presentation slides, when pitching your new team strategy, goals, and structure to you management team or board.

Added an Assessment as an Appendix 

At the Gainsight Pulse Conference 2015, I ran a workshop using the maturity model and during the workshop, I had everyone take a version of this assessment. It was a great way to experience the maturity model and think about ways to apply it in one's own team. It was so well received, people wanted copies so they could take it back to their teams for others to take. I knew then, we had to add the assessment to the eBook for everyone to use. So, we added an appendix and the entire assessment. You can use it to determine the current maturity stage of your customer education function. This way, you know where you stand and when it will take to grow your training business into later maturity stages over time.

Added an Online Assessment

On the eBook landing page, we also added an online assessment. This way, if you don't want to read the eBook, you can jump right into the online assessment and get your score by answering the same 16 questions that are in the assessment in the eBook. It is the same assessment. In the online version, you will get a score and some tips for each actions you can take to get to the next level of maturity. That is the beauty of the online assessment. You get tips on what to do next. Try it.

Those are the big changes. If you already have the eBook, you might want to check out the online assessment. Assessing yourself is the best way to know where you stand so you can make informed plans to grow your customer education business. If you do not have the eBook and you are not familiar with the Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model, you should download the eBook. After all, you read this far didn't you. Click on the button below to download the eBook.

Download Maturity Model

Originally published Jul 6, 2016 7:18:25 PM, updated Jul 6, 2016