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5 Reasons to Attend: Design Your Customer Education Strategy [New Course]

Written by Bill Cushard

Published on January 10, 2018

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In December 2017, Customer Education University announced a second course called, How to Design a Customer Education Strategy, and I am very excited about it. One of the best things you can do for your personal and professional development is to set aside dedicated time away from work to learn a new skill, learn a new process, or think deeply about new ideas you can put to work. It is hard to do that in our modern world. There are too many distractions. You know what I mean. One effective way I have found to create this dedicated time is to sign up for a class of some kind. In a class, you can sequester yourself away from the distractions of life, be in the moment, and soak up new ideas and new skills. If you pick the right course, you can actually find new motivation. 

I believe this course will help you learn the valuable skill of strategy design AND help you find new motivation to design and execute an innovative customer education strategy. Here are the five reasons why I think so.

Start 2018 with an innovative education strategy

At the beginning of the calendar year, it is often a time to finish up your goal setting and planning for the year. If you run a customer education function, you should be designing or already executing on a strategy to deliver education to customers that impacts your company's growth, product adoption, and some form of customer satisfaction. If you have not yet designed your education strategy, this is an opportunity for learning a practical method to do it. Consider taking our course, How to Design a Customer Education Strategy, to learn how to design an effective strategy and start your year off right. 

Learn the strategy design skill

You can find a lot of information about strategy, but not a lot of concrete, specific, and useful information about how to create one. How to Design a Customer Education Strategy is designed to be specific, useful, and motivating. It is also so practical that you actually start designing your strategy in class. And because the class is live and online, you can ask the instructor (Me!) questions, as you design your strategy. Strategy design is an important career skill (see below) and the process learned in this course can be applied in a variety of other career endeavors.

Make a direct impact on product adoption and company growth

If you have the right strategy, you will understand how you can contribute to the furthering of your company mission and to improving customer outcomes. A well-designed strategy lays out your goals and your action plan, providing you a roadmap for how to implement your strategy. If you design your strategy the right way, the goals you identify will align with your company's goals, making it clear how you contribute to your company's goals. It focuses your efforts in a world of limited resources.

Do you have unlimited resources? 

Increase your credibility

If you design a customer education strategy that aligns your goals with the priorities of your company, create a doable action plan to achieve those goals, and then execute on that plan, it will increase your credibility. One of the things we teach in How to Design a Customer Education Strategy, is that your strategy design document is a tool for not only defining where you are headed, but also a tool for communicating your vision, plan of action, and changes to the plan when things need to change.

Things will change.

Sometimes, just weeks after you get your strategy approved, you are told to run off in a different direction. When that happens, you can update your strategy design document and show your VP: "In light of these changes, we have changed our strategy in this way, which also means we will not be able to execute on the previous plan that we outline before, unless we add these resources or change these priorities." 

That is a legitimate basis for discussion. This is how a professional acts. Your VP will respect it. 

In this course, you will learn how to use your strategy design document as a tool for communicating status, progress, and changes. 

Career advancement

As I have written, customer education can be a career path to other functions, if you do it right. If you can learn how to design a strategy for any given situation, communicate that strategy, and then execute that strategy. You will increase your chances of being successful. You can then leverage that success to further your career, whether by potential growing in customer education, and also growing into other functional areas. I believe it all begins with your ability to design a strategy and then execute on it. 

The customer education strategy design process taught in this course will help you do that.

What to do now

If any of this resonates with you, here is what I want you to do next:

  1. Click on the button below to read the course description.
  2. Use this blog to make a mini business case for why you should attend this course and share that with your manager.
  3. Once you get approval, if you even need approval, register before the end of the day Monday to get the early bird price of $199. The price goes up to $499 after that.
  4. If you have questions about the course, contact me on Twitter or Linkedin. See my profile below. Or email me. I am teaching the course, so I will be able to answer your questions.
  5. Then block your calendar.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

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Originally published Jan 10, 2018 10:55:55 PM, updated Jan 11, 2018