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Learndot is joining ServiceRocket

Written by Paul Lambert

Published on January 21, 2015

I am very happy to share that Learndot will be joining the ServiceRocket family. ServiceRocket is a talented, ambitious company with training expertise very complementary to what we have at Learndot. Nothing at Learndot is being shut down – in fact we expect everything to only get better.

I first met Rob Castaneda, CEO of ServiceRocket, over two years ago through a mutual customer. Despite being a potential competitor, Rob reached out and was very helpful, sharing how his business works and everything he has learned from years in the training industry. Being so impressed early on, I’ve wanted to work with him since. I think this was a very natural fit.

This is a deal where everyone won, but in particular our customers. If you are a current Learndot customer:

  • Nothing about your plans, contracts, or service is changing.
  • You can expect to see an uptick in development and integrations as more resources will be available for development than when we were independent.
  • You will now have access to ServiceRocket’s world class support infrastructure and in-house training expertise.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

On a more personal note, this marks a major milestone. Joe and I have been working on Learndot for over four years and along the way have been generously helped by hundreds of people – our amazing team members, investors, partners, customers, and community. You guys know who you are. Thank you all so much, we are both deeply grateful. We truly believe the future is going to be rosy. I can’t wait to see it.


Paul Lambert
CEO & Co-founder, Learndot

Originally published Jan 21, 2015 4:20:00 PM, updated Mar 2, 2015