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Learndot Earns 2 LMS Awards

Written by Julia Borgini

Published on December 9, 2016

ServiceRocket is proud to announce that our Learning Management System (LMS) Learndot has recently been named Top 5 Customer LMS and Top 5 LMS Thought Leaders for 2016 by Talented Learning.

This year Learndot placed 2nd in the Customer LMS category (an improvement from last year when we placed 3rd), and we placed 2nd in the new category of LMS Thought Leaders.

Talented-Learning-Top-5-customer-lms-e1481049470138.pngCustomer LMS Award -
2nd Place

In choosing this year’s top LMS winners, Talented Learning, an independent technology research firm, attended vendor webinars and demonstrations, read their publically available information, studied RFP responses, and interviewed customer references in order to find their Top 5 vendors.

As a learning consulting firm, Talented Learning also has the benefit of helping learning technology buyers define their unique requirements and then matching them to the right vendor, and so has spent time meeting with over 125 different vendors to find the right fit for their own clients. Simply put, Talented Learning knows what they’re talking about when it comes to customer LMS’.

Talented-Learning-Top-5-thought-leaders-e1481050025765.pngLMS Thought Leaders -
2nd Place

When it comes to LMS thought leadership, Service Rocket Takes it seriously. That’s why we publish two industry-related blogs, The Software Training Blog for Learndot and The Software Adoption Blog. We’re especially proud that our Learndot blog was recognized by Talented Learning in the new category of Top 5 LMS Thought Leaders. Talented Learning’s research work isn’t just limited to evaluating LMS products and features. They are also interested in how LMS vendors support their product visions, so they interact with vendors on social media, read their blog posts and whitepapers, and watch customer success story videos. All of this research helps Talented Learning see who’s leading the way in the LMS industry, advancing the learning community through clear, coherent brand narratives and breathing life into it with original, compelling, high-value content. ServiceRocket is proud to have placed 2nd in this category with our Software Training Blog for Learndot.

Now that you know what Talented Learning thinks of Learndot, find out what our customers think about the LMS.

Follow along with new articles on the learning community at the The Software Training Blog for Learndot.

Originally published Dec 9, 2016 6:48:35 PM, updated Dec 9, 2016