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Customer Education Event: Develop Your First Software Training Course

Written by Bill Cushard

Published on May 16, 2016

If you are new to the job of managing your customer education programs, one of the first things you realize is how overwhelming it is to develop training content, especially when you don't have a lot of resources. There are so many things to consider: determining your customer education strategy, figuring out what customers actually want, deciding what course to create first, determining what topics should be covered in that first course and what topics to leave out. And these a just scratching the surface of what you need to do.

One of the biggest barriers to a successful customer education function is poorly created and outdated course content. We see this everyday, and we decided to help. 

On June 9, we are hosting a hands-on workshop in our newly renovated headquarters in Palo Alto. In this workshop, which is based on the content of an eBook we just wrote called Ad Hoc Hell: A ServiceRocket Guide to Developing Your First Software Training Course, you will learn a scalable and repeatable process for developing a software training course. The process will help you escape living in ad hoc hell, where you seem to be re-creating the wheel each time a customer demands training. You need to get out of this vicious cycle. And we are here to help you do this.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Determine your customer education goals
  • Figure out your customer education needs
  • Create a course design document that makes it easy to work with subject-matter experts
  • Develop your course by following the course design document
  • Escape ad hoc hell

If you are not a professional instructional designer, but you still need to create courses, this workshop is for you.

We have room for 16 participants, so click on the button below to register soon. At the moment, we are offering this workshop for free, so sign up for this one because we will likely start charging a registration fee for future session. 

Register Here

Visit Us In Person

We are just putting the finishing touches on our new training center, and we cannot wait to show it off. Please join us in person. We might even open the dome!

ServiceRocket Customer Education Workshop Palo Alto, CA

Originally published May 16, 2016 8:17:56 PM, updated May 16, 2016