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Convert Your Prospects Into Successful Customers With Pre-Sales Training

Written by Sarah E. Brown

Published on April 29, 2015


In today’s subscription economy, customer success plays an increasingly important role in the crucial lifecycle stages between prospect and customer. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) or entire teams are now brought in to engage prospects pre-sales in order to build trust and help ensure that the transaction is successful. Through introducing customer training into the pre-sales equation, CSMs can help seal the deal and sow the seeds of software adoption and customer loyalty. Here’s why it’s so smart to leverage training to help convert your prospects into customers, as well as some tips for getting started.

Training demonstrates how your product will help your prospect fulfill the outcomes they want to achieve.  

Whether your customer is doing a free trial or is even just a marketing qualified lead, pre-sales training enables you to showcase how your product will help them achieve their goals. If your prospect came to you for a lead generation tool that will help them close more leads, for example, offer them a window into your training that teaches how to take a lead through the pipeline from prospect to close.

This training can be given while they’re on a trial or while they’re still a lead because the principle of the education is the same--to offer a glimpse into the value that you provide through your software that aligns with their goalsThe goal for pre-sales training isn’t for your prospect to instantly become an expert in accomplishing workflows through your product, but rather to see that the overarching concepts they want to achieve are possible within your software enough to entice them to purchase it. Pre-sales training, done well, provides prospects with a clear roadmap for the success they’ll achieve through your software.

Webinar: How Training Can Sell Your Software

Training helps build trust.

Training can be used to educate prospects and customers on the underlying skill that your product serves, not strictly covering your product. For example, if you sell a CRM, you could have publically available courses on how to be a better salesperson. HubSpot does this by offering an Inbound Marketing Certification training program that anyone can take. This program does not teach product features, but the underlying skills of inbound marketing. Of all the people who take this certification program, which inbound marketing solution do you think they will go with when the time comes to choose one?

When you offer to help people build skills beyond your product, you earn trust and create a higher likelihood of earning a new customer.

Training establishes the coveted ‘trusted advisor’ role early on.

Increasingly, companies look for trusted advisors in the companies who sell them software. They want to know that the companies they engage will provide customer success for them to ensure they’re getting the value they pay for.

Your customers will be much more likely to buy your software if you can deliver on the promise of being the trusted advisor who helps them achieve their goals. Training shows your customer not only that it is indeed possible for them to achieve success within your app, but that you and your team are the right fit to help them achieve this.

Final Thoughts

View WebinarTraining courses can be delivered in bite-sized pieces to your prospects in a way to help them get a glimpse of why they should purchase your software. It’s important to note that the sponsor may be different from the buyer, meaning that the decision maker may not be the one actually using your app. If you can, get connected to the person or department who will be responsible for using your software to achieve their goals. You’ll simultaneously build an internal advocate who will help you close the deal.

If you are in a position where you are just getting started building your pre-sales training, check out "5 Steps for Implementing Your First Customer Training Program" and the related webinar for expert advice and best practices.

How is your organization using training to promote sales and customer success?

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Originally published Apr 29, 2015 7:14:12 PM, updated Apr 29, 2015