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5 Best Practices Of Customer Education Teams Focused On Customer Success

Written by Sarah E. Brown

Published on May 24, 2017

Customer Education is a critical component for scaling your customer success function and delivering successful customer outcomes. Leveraging education enables your customers to successfully adopt your product and achieve the goals they identified during the sales cycle. This is the pathway to increased customer retention, expansion and reduced churn. Here are five best practices drawn from software companies who are leading the way in delivering Customer Education focused on customer success. 


1. Make customer education data actionable across your organization like Gainsight

  • Increase customer renewals & expansions

  • Reduce support tickets

  • Speed up time to value during onboarding

Customer education plays a crucial role in Customer Success. By making training data actionable for other departments, including customer success, sales, marketing, finance, and other business teams, it becomes an even more powerful driver of business outcomes. Gainsight embeds training in standard business workflows to speed up time to value during onboarding, shorten sales cycles, and increase software adoption leading to customer renewals and expansions.

2. Build a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to scale learning like MuleSoft

  • Leverage Training to position your company as a Thought Leader

  • Aggressively increase the number of certified professionals on your product

  • Prospects who engage with training content are 987 times more likely to close than cold leads

MuleSoft Training & Certification team leveraged Learndot to power MuleSoft.U— a scalable, automated, self-study free course, providing the same content as an ILT course and have students build MuleSoft applications while following along with an instructor’s voice. Through MuleSoft U, MuleSoft’s number of trained developers increased 268% year-over-year and certifications grew 191% year-over-year. Their award-winning MOOC has enabled MuleSoft customers and partners to efficiently leverage their products to achieve their goals and increase adoption. MuleSoft also built a brand-new line of business through their training using Learndot.

3. Generate new revenue streams through your education program like Chef and Docker 

  • Create new revenue streams through training & certifications

  • Offer accreditation opportunities for partners and customers to become recognized experts in your technology and methodologies

Learndot has helped Chef, an automation platform for DevOps, increase operational efficiency internally and launch a brand-new revenue stream through their certification program. Chef now offers hands-on training and certifications for beginner and intermediate Chef learners, designed to solve real business problems, powered by Learndot.  Cloudera, the leading provider and supporter of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise, offers performance-based certifications powered by learndot which evaluate and recognize a candidate's mastery of the technical skills most sought after by employers. Docker, a platform for encapsulating deployment, also uses Learndot to power their accreditation program to enable their reseller partners who have to take courses and pass tests to become "Docker Sales Professional (DSP)" or "Docker technical sales professional (DTSP)" accredited, helping them.

4. Connect your LMS with Salesforce, Gainsight and BI tools like GoodData and Looker to correlate training with customer expansion and increased annual recurring revenue (ARR)

  • Link customer education to business outcomes

  • Generate reports to better track and increase revenue

Through the Learndot-Salesforce and Learndot-Gainsight apps, every time a customer purchases training, Gainsight has the ability to directly correlate these purchases with customer expansion and annual recurring revenue (ARR). Gainsight powers their customer education offerings using Learndot, and through the Learndot-Gainsight and Learndot-Salesforce integrations, generates reports that help them better track and increase their training revenue.

5. Leverage free and for-fee training to open up new market opportunities for your technology like Docker

  • Invest in customer education to drive software adoption and accelerate the sales cycle

  • Deliver strategic for-fee training to partners and customers

Education plays a major role in enabling Docker’s sales, partner community and their customers to be successful. Through Learndot, Docker delivers instructor-led and self-paced training to educate prospects and customers who want to learn about their open-source software container platform, supporting “middle of the funnel” sales opportunities leading to shorter sales cycles. They also use training for “top of the funnel” awareness to drive new learners to the Docker community.

Originally published May 24, 2017 10:53:34 PM, updated Jun 15, 2017