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4 Reasons to Attend the Business of Customer Education Conference

Written by Bill Cushard

Published on February 8, 2016

On February 25, 2016 in downtown Palo Alto, ServiceRocket is hosting the second annual Business of Customer Education Conference. The theme for this year is "Market, Manage, and Measure" your customer education business because we know these are on our minds just about every day, as we work like crazy to help our customers learn our products, drive renewals, and help our companies grow product sales.

And to help us all get a little better at doing that, the ServiceRocket team is working like crazy to organize one of the best events where customer education professionals can come together to learn, meet great people, and grow. 

If you are tempted to go, but need a little convincing, we think there are four reasons why you should attend the Business of Customer Education Conference.

A Great Program...We Think You Will Agree

Just have a look at this line up of customer education professionals:

  • Rob Castaneda, Founder and CEO of ServiceRocket, will share with you the "Why" behind the ServiceRocket way and his vision for where the future of customer education is headed.
  • Anthony Kennada, VP of Marketing, will talk about how Gainsight uses customer education to build a community of fans and customers around the customer success category.
  • Ray Light, Director of Support and Education at GoodData will help you think about and then starting using data analytics to run a more effective training function.

We will round out the afternoon session with a lively panel to discuss managing a customer education function. The panel has not yet been finalized, but we know that Donna Weber, Senior Director of Education and Enablement at TIBCO Analytics and CEdMA Board Member, will be joining the panel. So you know it is going to be great. 

We figure that hearing from these speakers, on these particular topics, is a huge reason to come. Don't you agree?

It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

If you are in the customer education business, and specifically in enterprise software, there are not too many places where you can hangout with like-minded peers and talk shop. In fact, I can think of two other places: CEdMA and the Bay Area Customer Education MeetUp. And we think you should be a part of these organizations, if you can. 

We are organizing the Business of Customer Education Conference (you know, our little conference) as way of gathering the community of customer education pros to spend some time together learning from each other, with each other, and have a little fun doing it. It's not complicated. Join in, meet some new, cool people, and connect with old-friends.  

Location, Location, Location

Palo Alto is considered by many as the center of the software revolution, so we could not think of a better place to host an event about helping customers learn software. And the Garden Court Hotel, in downtown Palo Alto, will make you feel like you have left the hustle and bustle of your daily commute and entered a relaxing state ideal for learning. I know it is a stretch, but it might even feel like a micro-vacation.


Location is everything.

The Speed Dating of Technology Conferences

Trust me, if there is one thing you will not feel at the Business of Customer Education Conference, is bored. The afternoon will fly by so fast, you will have so many new ideas, and you will meet so many cool people, that you will wonder where the time went. One of our core values is "Talking Straight," and this is me talking straight. We truly hope you leave the conference saying to yourself, "That was waaay too fast, they should have done a full day and had longer sessions, more breaks, and more time to network, and bring in more customers to speak."

Seriously. We actually sat down and talked about that. 

You will see what I mean about half-way through the day.

So......Register for the Business of Customer Education Conference

The price of the conference is $159, but if you register before February 16, you can get the early bird price of $99.

And if you share this blog post on Linkedin or Twitter or Facebook, we will send you a coupon code, so you can attend for free. How does that sound? So, share this won't you? And when you do, be sure to mention ServiceRocket in your Twitter (#BOCE16), Linkedin, and Facebook posts. We'll see it, and we will reach out to you about that coupon code. 

How could you miss the Business of Eduction Conference now? 

You can't. 

Join us.

Originally published Feb 8, 2016 4:19:31 PM, updated Feb 8, 2016